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How to call another smart contract

A guide to calling a smart contract within another contract

ethereumsolidityguides August 2022

Does case (upper/lowercase) matter for ethereum addresses?

A guide to the case checksum in ethereum addresses.

ethereumguides August 2022

Guide to delegatecall in Solidity

A guide on Solidity's delegatecall

ethereumsolidityguides August 2022

Solidity data types

A guide on the data types in Solidity

solidityguides August 2022

Ethereum testnets guide

A guide on the various testnets for Ethereum

ethereumguides August 2022

Max contract size on Ethereum

A guide about the maximum contract size on Ethereum

ethereumsolidityguides August 2022

Guide to using Open Zeppelin smart contracts

A guide and links to the common and useful Open Zeppelin smart contracts

solidityethereumguides August 2022

How to deploy an NFT on Ethereum/EVM

A guide on deploying an NFT, including the smart contract and creation of the contract on the blockchain guide

ethereumguidessolidity August 2022

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