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How to use ether units in Solidity

Created on August 2022 β€’ Tags: ethereumsolidityguides

A guide to using units of ether in Solidity

Table of Contents for How to use ether units in Solidity

As well as being able to use dates/times like 2 hours (see my post here about using dates/times in Solidity), you can also use the various ether keywords for values of eth.


Wei is the smallest value of ether.


Gwei is 1 billion wei


1 eth = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 wei (10^18).

Using these eth values

You can use these and they return the number value they represent. e.g.

uint costToDoSomething = 5 wei; // = 5
uint somethingElse = 10 gwei; // 10 billion
uint amountOfEth = 0.5 ether; // (10^18)/5

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