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What is StarkNet

Created on September 2022 β€’ Tags: guideszero-knowledge

A intro guide about what StarkNet is

Table of Contents for What is StarkNet

StarkNet is a ZK-Rollup.

It works as a Ethereum L2.

Who created StarkNet?

StarkNet was created by StarkWare. They create zero knowledge technology, to try to increase scalability on the Ethereum blockchain.

They have a few other products, for example:

  • StarkEx
  • Cairo
  • StarkNet

What is StarkNet based on - Cairo language

It is based on the Cairo langauge. This is a turing complete language. It is a language that can create STARK based programs.

If you want to find out more:

More info on StarkNet

StarkNet approaches the scaling issue by optimising things that users interact with, devs code with, the StarkNet nodes.

Transactions on StarkNet are proved to be valid via a STARK proof, and are batched up. These can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain (verifying these proofs is very quick).

Sharp (shared prover) is something written in Cairo which lets multiple apps (dApps) to combine their data into one single proof, which means they can share the gas cost of proof verification on Ethereum.

StarkEx (live on Ethereum since June 2020) is used by apps that do transfers. It supports on-chain data (rollup) off-chain data (Validium), and a hybrid mode (called Volition)

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