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Welcome to my site about blockchain engineering.

I could not find many good resources to learn things about blockchain software engineering. So I hope this site fills that gap a little.

This is a side project. I have no ads, and have no plans for ads on here. Some pages might be a bit more like notes- I am not a writer, but maybe those notes can be useful to someone.

Comments/questions/etc? Leave a message below.

This site focuses only on the programming side of blockchain engineering. Mostly about Solidity and quite focused on EVM blockchain engineering. I make no effort to cover the money side of things - its purely about the tech behind blockchains (that is the only interesting bits for me, I don’t buy or own crypto due to its instability in price and feeling too much like gambling).

If you want to get in touch visit my Contact page but you can probably also get a quick reply by messaging me on twitter

You can also see my posts on medium or on, or hash node or, or on reddit or youtube (direct link), or on hackmd

Spotted a typo or have a suggestion to make this crypto dev article better? Please let me know!

See all posts (70+ more)

See all posts (70+ more)

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