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Ethereum Papers

Created on September 2022 • Tags: ethereum

A list of the whitepapers, yellowpapers and other published material about Ethereum

Table of Contents for Ethereum Papers

There are two main papers when it comes to Ethereum. The Eth white paper and the yellow one.


It is quite an easy read. But if you want a summarized overview of it then you could check out this summary of the whitepaper

Yellow paper (Ethereum’s Formal Spec)

  • This is the more technical version, going deep into the specifications of how ethereum works (including gas prices). It is much more technical than the whitepaper
  • Originally written by Gavin Wood but now maintained by Nick Savers and other contributors
  • Useful when you need to check gas prices or to understand a bit more about opcodes.
  • It is kept updated on Github (it can be useful to keep an eye on it - sometimes its minor changes or typos, but sometimes larger updates)
  • There is this good summary which is a bit easier to read if you don’t want to tackle the yellowpaper itself.

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