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How AI sees the blockchain

Created on August 2022 • Tags: guidesoff-topic

How DALL-E sees users of the different blockchains

I try and keep most posts on here about the blockchain tech. But DALL-E is pretty interesting, and I didn’t know what to put it in.

I don’t really have much interest in cryptocurrencies, so this might be the only post that talks about these and not the EVM or other programming topics…

Anyway, I put some blockchain/crypto terms into DALL-E to see what it thought of things…

photo of ethereum enthusiast

Photo of ethereum enthusiast, from DALL-E

Apparently Eth enthusiasts like to hold signs/eth logo in the air. A somewhat diverse set of people, but quite sad looking.

photo of bitcoin enthusiast

Photo of bitcoin enthusiast, from DALL-E

Bitcoin enthusiasts, according to how DALL-E interprets it, like to hold ‘bitcoin coins’ up to their face and are a little happier.

photo of solana enthusiast

Photo of solana enthusiast, from DALL-E

I feel like DALL-E has no idea that Solana is a blockchain.

photo of cardano enthusiast

Photo of cardano enthusiast, from DALL-E

I have even less of an idea what DALL-E thinks Cardano is…

photo of polkadot enthusiast

Photo of polkadot enthusiast, from DALL-E

This has no relevance to blockchain, but I can see why DALL-E returned these four photos…

photo of stellar enthusiast

Photo of stellar enthusiast, from DALL-E

And this makes sense, even if its not related to the blockchain.

photo of dogecoin enthusiast

Photo of dogecoin enthusiast, from DALL-E

Pretty impressed that apart from the typos, they look pretty real.

photo of uniswap enthusiast

Photo of uniswap enthusiast, from DALL-E

It looks like uniswap users have a mixture of interests, although apart from the car I can’t really tell what any of them are.

photo of tezos enthusiast

Photo of tezos enthusiast, from DALL-E

Lots of typos, but they look like marketing photos I guess.

photo of most popular cryptocurrencies, from DALL-E

DALL-E clearly thinks bitcoin is the most popular.

photo of what people spend cryptocurrencies on

photo of what people spend cryptocurrencies on, from DALL-E

Looks like people spend crypto on pens and paper.

photo of someone who lost money on crypto

photo of someone who lost money on crypto, from DALL-E

Only men, all sad about losing their bitcoin it looks like.

photo of someone who won money on crypto

photo of someone who won money on crypto, from DALL-E

Appears that DALL-E thinks men that wear glasses are a bit more likely to win money in crypto…

most popular blockchain programming language, from DALL-E

No idea how to interpret this.

All of these came from Check it out, its really impressive (with non blockchain things).

Spotted a typo or have a suggestion to make this crypto dev article better? Please let me know!

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