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How to calculate percentages in Solidity

Created on August 2022 β€’ Tags: solidityguides

A guide on calculating percentages in Solidity

We can’t do floating point maths in Solidity. But calculating percentages does not require floating point math.

A quick example is shown below, based on

    function getPercent(uint part, uint whole) public pure returns(uint percent) {
uint numerator = part * 1000;
require(numerator > part); // overflow. Should use SafeMath throughout if this was a real implementation especially on older versions of Solidity
uint temp = numerator / whole + 5; // proper rounding up
return temp / 10;

Also see my page on floating point math in Solidty

This post is incomplete and a work-in-progress
I'll update it soon and flesh it out with more info!

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