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EVM Tools Online + Resource Links

Created on December 2022 β€’ Tags: ethereumsolidity

Online tools to run in your browser to help with evm/soldiity development

EVM Tools

Keccak256 hash

Use this online tool to generate the full keccak256 hash for an input string.

It outputs it as hex

Keccak256 hash (first 4-bytes)

Use this online tool to generate the first four bytes of a keccak256 hash for an input string.

This can be useful to get a function signature

Convert from hex to uint8 array

this runs ethers.utils.arrayify() in your browser

Add checksum to Ethereum address

This tool will take in an ethereum wallet address (public key), and apply the checksum algorithm to it (capitalizing some characters).

Number to hex (base-16, 0x-prefixed)

Note: This returns a bytes representation, so it will always have an even number of characters

Add commas to number

This tool will add commas to numbers.

It is ethers.utils.commify()

Address 0

This is the null/address 0 address on ethereum.


Ether Symbol

The unicode symbol for Ether. See more here.


Max uint256 value

This is the maximum value (in hex & base 10) of a uint256 int

More tools will be added soon...

Other useful tools and resources

The list below are tools and services that you can use for free online. I think they’re all really good, and every Solidity developer should be aware of them:

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