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Best resources to learn Solidity and smart contract development

Created on September 2022 • Tags: guidesethereum

A list of resources that I used to learn Solidity and smart contract development

Documentation/in depth resources



I haven’t bought any Solidity courses, so cannot comment on the best ones.

Interactive challenges

I’m not really sure what to call these, but there are some sites that set out programming challenges and to progress through the ‘levels’ you have to complete the challenges.

Youtube Channels

I find most youtube content about smart contract development to be quite low quality or a bit too outdated, but here are a few channels that I find quite useful.

See the list of best Youtube Channels to learn smart contract development here.


Podcasts are not really great for learning programming topics in my opinion, as its often quite hard to imagine what is being discussed as code. However I found the blockchain industry moves very fast and it helps a lot to keep up to date with some of the technical news and updates

The main podcast I would recommend is the Zero Knowledge Podcast. It focuses just on the technical parts of blockchains (with a very strong focus on zero knowledge.



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