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28 Ways to Optimize Gas Usage in Solidity Code

A selection of 28+ small tips and tricks you can use in your Solidity code to reduce gas. These are easy to implement and often forgotten about mini tricks that reduce Gas when writing Solidity code for the EVM.

guidesethereumsolidity September 2022

Guide to calldata in EVM/Solidity

A guide explaining how calldata works in Solidity/EVM

guidesethereumsolidity September 2022

How to get ERC20 token balance for an address, using ethers.js

Quick tutorial showing how to get an erc20 token balance, using a small ethers.js script

guidesethereum September 2022

What is UTXO & the UTXO set

A guide to understanding the UTXO model, and what are the pros/cons of unspent transaction output in blockchains.

guidesbitcoin September 2022

Best resources to learn Solidity and smart contract development

A list of resources that I used to learn Solidity and smart contract development

guidesethereum September 2022

Engineers introduction to how Zcash works

A technical guide into how Zcash works, and how it gives privacy on the blockchain

guideszero-knowledge September 2022

How Solidity function selectors work

A technical guide about how function selectors work in Solidity

solidityethereum September 2022

Ethereum Papers

A list of the whitepapers, yellowpapers and other published material about Ethereum

ethereum September 2022

Ethereum blockchain upgrades

A history guide into the various Ethereum blockchain upgrades

ethereum September 2022

What is StarkNet

A intro guide about what StarkNet is

guideszero-knowledge September 2022

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